My home must-have

Like most girls, I like to buy things.

But here’s the thing – you won’t find me coming home with shopping bags from Anthropologie, Forever 21, or Express as often as you’ll see me walk in the door with three West Elm, Barnes & Noble, and IKEA bags in tow. A new article of clothing is great every once and awhile, but I’m really a sucker for home decor.  One of my favorite pastimes is to dream about my future home…you know, the one that I can fill with new, beautiful accessories for each room.

Alas, that dream won’t be coming true for quite some time, so I’m stuck limiting my home shopping to things that will easily move around and will fit in with my future forever home decor. With those limitations in place, one thing that I’ve come to absolutely love buying is coffee table books. There is something so entertaining about a book full of interesting stories and pictures. Not to mention, they’re great decor for a coffee table, and can be a fantastic conversation starter.

My roommate and I currently have a small stack of coffee table books covering our makeshift coffee table (aka a side table that holds our trinkets and an occasional coffee mug). Every time I sit in the living room, I love looking through the three or four books on that table. But I often think how nice it would be to have a collection of books, giving us the ability to alternate our coffee table stack depending on the company for the night or the time of year.

Unfortunately, coffee table books come with a higher price tag than regular run-of-the-mill paperbacks, limiting my ability to purchase them on a regular basis. But you can bet that I have a running list of all the dream books I one day hope to adorn my beautiful (permanent) coffee table. Here are a few that currently stand at the very top of the list:

Coffee Table Books


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For me it’s coffee table books and other small accessories; what’s the one thing you can’t leave without when you see it at a store?

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