DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest – it’s such a great source of inspiration for creative projects (and y’all all know how I love places that can inspire). Unfortunately for me, many of the great ideas I find on Pinterest and am convinced that I can recreate on my own eventually find their way into my garbage can instead of being proudly displayed in my apartment (can we say #PinterestFail). So when a friend of mine made these awesome chalkboard wine glasses that she found on Pinterest for a white elephant party last year, and they were a huge hit, my ears instantly perked up (albeit a bit hesitantly given my past Pinterest DIY experience).

“Popular Pinterest craft?” my brain said. “Sounds fun, but am I up for the challenge?”

After being reassured by said friend that the glasses were incredibly easy to make, I decided that I was indeed up for the challenge. I took to Pinterest to find the easiest instructions possible (hey, I do need to set myself up for success here), and tested these glasses out for myself. And you guys – they actually were so, so easy! Not even kidding.

To make your own chalkboard wine glasses, you will need:

  • Wine glasses – I got a 4-pack of All-Purpose wine glasses from Target for less than $10
  • Chalkboard paint – make sure you get chalkboard paint that is made for glass rather than wood (Hobby Lobby has some for $3.99)
  • Brushes – I used a sponge brush, but I think any brush will do
  • Chalk – I think this is self-explanatory

DIY chalkboard wine glasses

Start by putting some paper towels down just to keep your work space clean. The paint does wipe up if you clean it quickly, but it’s better to play it safe. Squirt some paint directly onto the glasses, and use the sponge brush to spread it around the entire bottom of the glass (I also painted about a 1/2 inch up the stem as well for a little something extra).

DIY chalkboard wine glasses


DIY chalkboard wine glasses

Let your first coat of paint dry for 10-15 minutes, then add one additional coat using the same process. I would hold each glass up to the light to make sure you can’t see through the glass bottom at all (do an extra coat if any light comes through). You might see some paint streaks, but don’t worry – those will not be so noticebale when the paint dries. Once you’ve achieved your desired look, set the glasses aside to dry. The instructions claim they dry within an hour, but I would let them sit several hours to be safe.

After a few hours, you’ll have some wonderful new wine glasses to show off at get togethers with friends (or just to use for yourself). If I can do it, I’m 110% sure that you can make these chalkboard wine glasses with zero problem. Plus, who doesn’t need wine glasses that make it easy to identify who has been drinking from it? I, for one, cannot wait to never get my glass mixed up with another partygoer ever again. #WineTime!

DIY Chalkboard wine glasses




  1. Love it!!!!

    • Well, you should love it – the brilliance is all yours! I can’t believe they turn out so nicely for such a minimal amount of work. Talk about an awesome gift idea!

  2. I love that you did this!! I have thought about doing this so many times.

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