Son of a Sailor Jewelry Giveaway

The problem with Christmas wishlists is that more often than not, there are some major oversights because in the time between putting said list together and Christmas day, you will inevitably discover some new products that you didn’t even realize you wanted yet. This necklace from Son of a Sailor is one of those unknown gift items. Lucky for you, I think ahead so I picked one up earlier this month before they sold out (and believe me, they were going to sell out).

Son of a Sailor jewelry giveaway

While I hope that each and every one of you get everything you hoped for, I wanted to be there with a little something extra just in case. So….drum roll please…I will be giving away this awesome necklace to one lucky reader! Think of it as my thank you for being such fantastic readers over these last two years, and sticking with me through all my lighter months… Y’all rock! And you deserve a little something in return.

If you are not familiar with Son of a Sailor, you should be because it’s an awesome Austin-based company. I first heard of Son of a Sailor back in August when I attended the Texas Blogger’s Conference – Jessica, the brains behind the company, helped me and fellow attendees DIY some awesome key rings similar to the kind they sell in stores (shown in the display below). Ever since then, I’ve had something of  major crush on Son of a Sailor. I love how simple and geometric their jewelry and supply is, and I think you will too. The necklace I’m giving away is one I’ve been coveting for quite some time (it was kind of hard to buy it, and not keep it for myself, but I love you guys so I powered through the temptation).

Son of a Sailor Austin jewelry

Now for the fun stuff…

How can YOU win Son of a Sailor’s Sabine necklace? It’s easy! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your favorite kind of blog posts are from One Fine Day (this is a thank you for being a reader, after all, so I need to make sure you actually like what you are reading!), like One Fine Day on Faceboook (kudos to you if you already like it), and Voila! You have been registered for the giveaway.

I will be announcing a winner on January 1, so be sure to enter before then!


  1. rayray cartucci says:

    I like you on FB as Jackson Crisman. I like stuff about style…pics and ofcourse giveaways.
    Thank you

  2. Jackie Mintz says:

    Love this necklace! You always have such a great variety of topics that you discuss. I feel so trendy when I read your blog posts!

  3. Candice Eng says:

    I saw these at that Art thing we went to too! Sooo cute. I almost bought one myself, but at that point had already gone a little overboard so decided to not give into my impulse.

  4. Candice Eng says:

    Ooo I should enter the contest too. :) I really like your blog posts about things you do around Austin – like the street art one, Walton’s, Smudge Studio, etc. I love reading about your adventures around town, what you thought of it, and also to discover new things in Austin that I did not know about! Keep on blogging, friend.

  5. I love all of your posts, but find your recommendation posts particularly interesting and helpful (recommendations about fashion, jewelry, restaurants, art, etc.) It’s nice to hear the perspective of a young, hip Austinite (unlike my old, clueless suburbanite self).

  6. Mary Dailey says:

    Like you on Facebook, Mary Avlos-Dailey
    I love anything about fashion and jewelry!
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. The style posts are my favorites! I follow on FB as Trish Crimmins Flynn.

  8. Kelly Commerford says:

    I’m an email follower ( as well as a FB fan (kcthelush).
    I like that your posts introduce readers to fresh finds in a fun to read way. I like reading about your quirky, random discoveries.

    Son Of A Sailor Necklace= Coveting!

  9. rod jackson says:

    I enjoy your fashion and jewelery artivles. Great blog so keep up the good work.
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

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