Smudge Studios Birthday Paint-acular

If you’ve spoken to me in the last week (or really even the last 2 months), you are probably aware that I just celebrated my 25th birthday. It’s been something of a whirlwind in my own mind – I even solicited advice from friends, family, and mentors to help me ease into my 26th year of life – but, honestly, things haven’t actually been that different thus far (I know you are all thinking, “I told you so, Rachael.”).

Every year, I gather together with friends for some kind of celebration because what would a birthday be without getting to enjoy it with the people you love? Unlike every year, I opted to veer away from the usual dinner or evening out downtown for something a little more unorthodox. If you haven’t realized yet, I take birthdays very seriously, and this one really seemed like a milestone in my life, so it seemed only fitting that I celebrate it in a milestone kind of way.

This year, I held what I’m lovingly referring to as a my birthday paint-aculer at Smudge Studios. An awesome new art studio in central Austin, Smudge Studios encourages people to unleash their creative side and inner artist through various art media; but it’s not your typical painting classes where you follow an instructor step-by-step to create something generally similar with mild differences. In fact, that “paint by numbers” style is pretty much the complete opposite of the kind of art Smudge Studios helps you create.

Smudge Studios help you create one-of-a-kind artwork that emulates the creative process of some of the world’s most famous artists, like Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol. They focus on certain styles, but you can pretty much guarantee that no two pieces that come out of a Smudge Studios session are alike. I dare you to try.

The studio is known for their Smudge Room – a small room inside their studio where you use a variety of  unexpected utensils (toilet bowl brushes, fly swatters, paint brushes, and spray bottles) to splatter paint all over a canvas, and make your very own abstract work of art. The instant I heard about said Smudge Room, I knew that’s where I’d be celebrating 2-5, because honestly, what better way to enter into true adulthood than by reverting back to your childhood?

Y’all, I legitimately can’t remember a time when I had more fun, and I think my friends would agree. We all left with massive smiles (and maybe some stray paint) on our faces. There was something so freeing about just being able to throw paint at a canvas, and not being constrained to a specific end result. And you know the best part about it? Each one of our pieces turned out absolutely amazing – and so different! Don’t laugh when I say this, but walking away with something so unique, and something that I created with no help from anyone else made me feel like a true artist.

My paint-acular was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday, and I know it won’t be the last time I spend time at Smudge Studios. I’m actually looking forward to my next event there. Once you take a look at some of the pictures from my paint-acular, you’ll understand…and will probably schedule your own party there soon. It really is as great as it looks.

Smudge Studios Austin birthday party

Smudge Studios Austin party


Smudge Studios Austin Smudge Room


Smudge Studios Austin painting


Smudge Studios Austin party


  1. Candice Eng says:

    Ahh the pictures you took are so good! Also my artwork is now hanging in my apartment.

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