My Wishlist For That Time Of Year

Given that I celebrate my birthday, Hanukkah, and Christmas in December, it tends to be a very high gift receiving month for me. So every year about this time I start getting requests from my family (i.e. my dad and brother) to send over a gift wish list. As a kid, my list would span pages – I included every, little thing that I saw in magazines, TV, and friend’s houses; I definitely had a long list of desires back in the day. But as I’ve gotten older, my list has gotten shorter and shorter. It’s not that I don’t want things, it’s just that now that I truly understand the value of a dollar, I have a difficult time asking people to spend their hard-earned money on me.

Even so, I scoured my brain to come up with some things that I would be comfortable having my family buy for me. My dad gets one list, and the other inquirers get this list (which is mostly just a list of things I’ve been eyeing these last few months, and will likely buy for myself on my impending birthday shopping spree anyway, so I guess it’s not actually that helpful). Alas, without further ado…

birthday wishlist


1 // Scarves really are wonderful, and in my opinion, a great way to add some texture to any outfit. I have my fair share of scarves sitting in my closet, but I realized that I don’t actually have a white one – a major oversight on my part since white goes with everything! Leave it to Target to come to my rescue with this Merona scarf, which has a 99% chance of ending up in my closet very, very soon.

2 // I recently saw these prints by Starla Halfmann in an Austin Tidbits email and couldn’t get enough (is it weird if I say that I look at the site at least once a day?). I think it’s amazing that Starla utilizes flowers and designs in a unique way, with such a beautiful result. The deer above is awesome, but I had some serious trouble picking just one to include in this wish list. Honestly, I see no problem with covering my entire wall in these prints.

3 // I’ve had a crush on Nixon watches since my sophomore year of college when I saw one on a classmate. They don’t sell my original favorite, but this Kensington watch in rose gold is a close second. It may become my birthday present to myself… I deserve that, right?

4 // Booties are totally a thing for me this year. Now that I’ve figured out how to wear them, I find myself craving all different styles and colors. These khaki booties from Lulu’s are great, and actually reasonably priced! Problem is, when it comes to shoes there is a whole other wishlist – I’m also on the hunt for some some pumps, black wedge booties, and another pair (or two) of Toms, but I haven’t been able to find the winners just yet.

5 // Almost a year ago, I (surprisingly) found myself drawn to faux fur vests. I know exactly what you’re thinking – I never thought it would happen either, but it did. And with the weather in Austin taking a sudden nose dive, I’ve been looking for cute jackets to keep me cozy in the cold temps. This Gabrielle Rocha vest is exactly the one I’ve been looking for (if you take the belt off), and isn’t as crazy expensive or sold out as this other vest I was really digging.

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