Walton’s Fancy & Staple – Small Town Charm in a Big City

You know when you watch a movie set in a small town, and there is always that really adorable place where the main characters always go to get their coffee, or meet for lunch? It’s long been a dream of mine to have a place like that, but living in bigger cities my whole life kind of makes it difficult to have “that place.” However, I think I finally found it in Walton’s Fancy & Staple – a great little storefront on Austin’s W. 6th St.

I know that 6th St. kind of has a reputation for being dirty, seedy, and overall “meh,” but don’t let that keep you from stopping by Walton’s one afternoon for breakfast or lunch. West 6th has managed to somewhat remove itself from that stereotype over the years, and I’m pretty positive that Walton’s is definitely removed from that. Think of the store as a nice respite from the street’s typical scene; a charming, little oasis in the midst of loud and overcrowded bars (though Walton’s does serve beer and wine, so that is an option should you want it).

Part coffee shop, part deli/cafe, part flower shop, Walton’s Fancy & Staple effortlessly brings that quintessential small town feel to downtown Austin. Seriously, every time I walk in, I feel like I’m instantly transported to some small cafe in West Texas where everyone is so friendly and life just seems to move a little slower (except during their lunch rush when things are go, go, go). Mouthwatering pastries sit stacked in the display case, tempting guests as they make their food and beverage selections; beautiful flower arrangements and potted succulents adorn the walls and tables; the familiar sounds of coffee being brewed fill the store – it’s the kind of place you’d want to go in preparation of a big day or to wind down from one.

Equally as great as the atmosphere is the food at Walton’s. The store serves brunch and lunch, and has pastries on hand at all times, and based on the variety of pastries and sandwiches I’ve tried, I don’t think you can make a bad choice. I do have a favorite though – the Turkey Sweet, a turkey sandwich piled with applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, apples, and white cheddar on a croissant. I order it almost every time I grab Walton’s for lunch, and every time I leave with a smile on my face.

And we can’t forget their little flower shop in the back of the store. You guys, the arrangements they create are like the kind you see in magazines. You know the ones I’m talking about – all the flowers are big, bright, and beautiful, with green plants and twigs artfully placed throughout the bouquet to add texture. They are beautifully done, but still look as if you could have done it yourself from flowers freshly picked from your garden (if your garden was a sprawling Texas plain full of blossoming wildflowers).

What I’m getting at is…Walton’s is a winner. Every little thing about it screams success.

The place is quickly becoming my go-to on a Saturday morning, and their outdoor bistro tables make it so I can even stop by for a pastry (and a small break) during my Saturday morning long walk with Maverick. Anything that involves pastries and pups is a win in my book, so I’m glad Walton’s fits the bill.

Walton's Fancy & Staple exterior


Walton's Fancy & Staple interior


Walton's Fancy & Staple menu


Walton's Fancy & Staple Macaroons


Walton's Fancy & Staple interior


Walton's Fancy & Staple exterior


  1. Candice Eng says:

    Great post. I love Walton’s!

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