Becoming A Published Writer.

My love for writing is something that I’ve mentioned in several blog posts before.  I’m lucky that I work in a field where my work and my personal interests collide – my job provides ample opportunity to develop my writing style and improve as a writer.  Still, I always thought it would be fun to write something different, something that is tailored to my interests outside of the office (namely my love for the city of Austin and all it entails), and when I began this blog, that was my intention. But I want to do more!

So, I pursued an opportunity to write a contributed article for Austin Lifestyle Magazine, a local bimonthly, and they accepted my idea!  My first published story came online yesterday (and should be in the stores soon!).  Want to check it out? You can find my piece on page 14 of the online version (below) and page 12 in the print version.

Austin Lifestyle Magazine May/June 2012

I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity, but as if that wasn’t enough, Austin Lifestyle Magazine offered me the opportunity to become a contributed writer for every issue. Obviously I accepted, as this is such an amazing way to further develop my skill level in a variety of different mediums and explore my passion for writing.

PLEASE let me know what you think about my first story.  And be sure to subscribe to Austin Lifestyle so you won’t miss any of my stories (or the other amazing articles in every issue).


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